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The ancient wisdom of yoga has surprisingly simple answers for the problems we have today: stress, obesity, food allergies, burn-outs, shoulder, back and neck pain.

Yoga is hot in the West. The physical part that is. But yoga is so much more than asanas. Yoga is a lifestyle. A way to keep your body and your mind healthy by exercising and by questioning ourselves: why do we do what we do, why do we react the way we react, why do we think the way we think. It’s this research of our selves, combined with the ability of being in the moment that can bring us this ultimate happiness; the bliss yogis always talk about.

This bliss is not something that just will come. It requires training. Exercise. Just as a football player has to train every day to improve himself a yogi has to meditate, do pranayama, eat healthy and do asanas every day. In our shop you will find soon courses to start and/or deepen your yoga, meditation and pranayama practice; to help you find this ultimate happiness as well.

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