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Yoga to cure diarrhea

Yoga to cure diarrhea

Being on the road a lot, eating street food and food in doggy restaurants I now and then suffer from diarrhea. Ever since a parasite devastated my intestines, I’m pretty vulnerable anyway. Luckily yoga helps, because there is yoga to cure diarrhea (click for video).

All the asanas (the yoga poses) are actually designed to heal our body. To realign us physically, but also the help our intestines function properly, to improve our respiratory system, to improve our heart, to cure us from old injuries, to let go of old emotions and old stress that is trapped in our body.

It is nice to ‘just do’ a series of asanas, but often it can be helpful to work with a series that is specifically designed to cure symptoms we deal with. This series is designed by B.K.S. Iyengar. I hope you don’t have to use it, but if you ever need, I hope it will be beneficial for you.

The series is a short one and contains headstand and shoulderstand. Both poses are complex poses. They are incredibly good for your body, but there is a danger in them for the vertebrae in your neck. Make sure you learn them correctly from a qualified teacher. Good luck.

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