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Beets La Finca La Mariposa

Yoga teacher at La Mariposa in Nicaragua

One more week to go. One more week of Spanish classes here at La Mariposa Spanish school, working in the garden, teaching some yoga classes and doing some photography and then I’m off. Then it’s time to start travelling. A week on my own and then Mark van Alphen will join me to tour around Nicaragua for a little month. Seeing the country, visiting some nice towns, maybe even Matagalpa – a city where Tilburg has a sister union with – and a lot of surfing and relaxing. I can hardly wait.

After traveling I’m returning to La Mariposa to be an intern and to be a yoga teacher at La Mariposa in Nicaragua. There are three girls working here already: managing the school and all the projects. My roll will be a little different. I’ll be managing the farm (vegetables and fruits), the nature reserve, working alongside the kitchen staff to teach them a few new recipes, do some photography; creating a postcard-line and will set up the yoga classes and maybe even a yoga retreat.

I know a thing of two about gardening, but not by far as much as the people know around here. Especially what gropes grow around here and what not. What my job in the garden will be is bringing in a bit more of structure. At this moment the whole garden is filled with salad, beets and carrots. Nothing else. There are so much beets, the kitchen has no clue what to do with them. At the same time the kitchen staff has to go to the market to buy pumpkin, because there is no pumpkin in the garden. My job to make sure we have enough (not too much, not too little) of everything. Because what we are trying to do, is growing all our own food: vegetables, herbs and fruit.

The postcard-line is just something extra. Some cards we can sell to make extra money, so we can do more projects (read: help the poor people around here help themselves). The other photos are for decorating the rooms, for social media and for sponsors who, for example, donate seeds for the gardens.

The kitchen staff is dying to learn new recipes. They are really eager to learn about food, about new things. So every now and then I will share some of mine recipes with them. In the next few weeks I’m on a discovery tour to see what grows in this country, what grows in our gardens and what I can make out of it and at the same time if we can grow the things I’m making already. So maybe in the next couple of weeks I’ll ask you to send me some seeds, like dates, figs and grapes and blueberries.

The yoga is just my thing. Wherever I go, I’m teaching. Same here in La Mariposa in Nicaragua. I’ve done a few classes, played around with some Acro Yoga, tomorrow I’m going to do a big class up at El Piscacho to see how it’s there. Although I already know it’s going to be amazing, because it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen to do yoga. As soon as you get there you feel your shoulders dropping, your lungs expanding and you feel totally relaxed. Just of the views over the trees and of the Volcano. So it’s the perfect spot to do classes and to set up a retreat. So let’s see if I can make something out of that. Something to leave behind, when I go on to a new place to teach, study, inspire and get inspired.

Salad La Finca La Mariposa Nicaragua

Salad La Finca La Mariposa Nicaragua

Garden La Mariposa Nicaragua

Garden La Mariposa Nicaragua

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One Response to Yoga teacher at La Mariposa in Nicaragua

  1. Avatar
    Henny Zetteler 24 November 2014 at 12:02 #

    Dag John, ik wil je even melden dat ik vandaag je website voor het eerst heb geopend en dat ik je meteen een mail heb geschreven. Ik lees dat je een maand op reis gaat met iemand en dat je daarna naar deze plek terugkeert om er iets in de tuin en de keuken te gaan doen. Tuinman ontbrak nog op je conduitestaat.
    Ik bewonder je, maar dat wist je al. Vlieg en vooral vrij, en lach… Maar dat hoef ik je niet te schrijven.
    Tot later. Henny

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