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Yoga sequence to open your hips (video)

I created a yin yoga sequence for you to open your hips (see video). The last tantra blog I wrote was the shaking meditation. To help you shake I created this sequence. The looser your hips, the easier you can shake them.

I always love to see Brazilian carnival. The girls there – and the boys as well – can shake their butt, without moving the rest of their body. As an inflexible Dutch guy who can’t dance, I can only admire so much movement. For some reason my hips don’t move and I think I’m not the only one in Western society.

Squat and lotus

It’s a problem I run into with yoga as well. A lot of poses are designed for Indians. Indians have open hips. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to India (you can check my India here), but if you go to the poorer areas you will see people sitting in squat position all day. They have been doing that ever since they were a baby. Squat and poses like lotus come naturally to them. In the West we hardly sit in a squatting position. Instead we sit on chairs. That is: if we are sitting on them. Most of us hang in chairs, hang in the sofa. As a result our iliopsoas muscle shortens, our hamstrings shorten and our gluteal muscles shorten.

Yoga is a solution

To compensate we have to stretch them. Yoga is a pretty good solution. Gymnastics will work as well. Other sports? To be honest with a lot of sports the focus is more on building stamina or power than on building flexibility. I played soccer for years. Our trainer made us do stretching exercises, but I don’t think we’ve took them very serious. We did our warming-up without the ball, had to stretch after and only then were we allowed to warm up with the ball. Eleven guys who love to play football: you probably can imagine what happened. We did our stretches in no time. Mostly hanging against the fence around the field. Only stretching seriously when the trainer was watching. Otherwise we did them as quick as possible, got the ball out and started to play.

Running marathons

I’ve spent some time in gyms. I don’t see a lot of stretching happening there. Same when I was running marathons. I did a bit, but never to the extend I should have done. I’m paying the price for it now; short hamstrings, short iliopsoas. If you can use some more flexibility as well: try-out this yoga sequence. It’s designed to open your hips: gluteal muscles and iliopsoas. Hamstrings will be another series.

Yin yoga sequence to open your hips

  • Check the video and do yoga with me
  • Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose): 3 minutes
  • Anjaneyasana (Low lunge): 2 minutes on the right, 2 minutes on the left
  • Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon pose): 3 minutes on the right, 3 minutes on the left
  • Eka Pada Supta Virasana (half Reclined Hero pose): 2 minutes on the right, 2 minutes on the left
  • Supta Kapotasana (Reclined pigeon): 3 minutes on the right, 3 minutes on the left
  • Baddha Konasana B (Bound Angle Pose): 3 minutes
  • Windshield wipers: 1 minute on the right, 1 minute on the left
  • Savasana


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