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I’m a yoga rebel

The third limb in the ancient science of Ashtanga,
is the yoga posture know as asana.
Asana of yoga pose,
many people think it means touching your toes.
But asana is more about touching the soul,
learning to be still in the middle of it all.
The word asana literally means seat,
it’s not like a sport, where you try to compete.
A general practice can generate health,
so we can pursuit the knowledge of the self.

These lyrics are not mine; they’re MC Yogis. He raps them in his song Eight Limbs. We listened to it during last meditation class. Seemingly not a normal thing to do in a meditation class, but he: I’m a yoga rebel.
Well that’s what most teacher over here call me. Why? I do things my way. I think that’s yoga. Finding your own path, which includes your own path to teach. I believe we’re all here with the same mission and same goal (returning to heaven, the all mighty, the source, love; or what ever you want to call it), but we all have our own path to achieve that goal. If you look at most religion, the goal is the same: strangely enough they keep chopping each others head off, because they disagree about the way to achieve that goal. I think the beauty about yoga is that it’s pure individual. Everybody’s task is to find their own path. As teachers we’re just here to help.

Well I think we’re. Some teachers disagree. They love dogma’s. Believe there path is the only one to enlightenment. If you don’t follow it, if you don’t fit in you’re a yoga rebel. So I am. And I have to say: I like it. It makes me feel free: we dance in meditation class, we laugh out loud during asana practice, because laughing is relaxing and we work hard, without taking our selves to serious. Simply because yoga is suppose to be fun.
Well it is in my point of view. Why? Because that way it’s easy to keep doing yoga. I’m a massage therapist as well. I give all my costumers a few yoga exercises. They do them, once, maybe twice, they notice that the exercises work and still they stop doing them. Why? They are no fun if you do just a few exercises and when you do them on your own. Same with food. Everybody knows you should drink the shit Coca Cola, Unilever and companies like that are producing. That’s pure poison. Still we eat it. Why? Thanks to all the sugar and salt our taste butts don’t work properly anymore and this tastes good. Health food has an aura of being extremely awful (up until you taste some of the stuff I make) so we won’t eat it. Simply because most of us don’t want to suffer. So why make yoga so hard, so strict, so boring? Let’s have a laugh about it, make asana, meditation and pranayama fun. Make it one big game and nobody ever will quit.


One Response to I’m a yoga rebel

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    Caroline Feyaerts 13 September 2014 at 10:17 #

    I love you for giving me food for thought, I love you for being honest, bold and taking a stand.
    I don’t associate yoga with rebellion, to me yoga is a peaceful state of mind.
    As soon as you go into rebellion, you are fighting against.
    I think you absolutely succeed in translating the old school yoga to our modern times.
    And again you did a wonderful job in making me realize that me disagreeing on the subject is an opportunity for me to let go to. That’s why you have to continue making yourself heard, read and listened to, that’s what teaching is all about: giving food for thought, triggering people into building own strong opinions and with yoga taking them to the next level in letting all go and lovingly listen without attachment nor frustration.
    I love the yoga rebel!