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Yoga Nidra - total relaxation

Yoga nidra – total relaxation

How often do you wake up and feel totally rejuvenated? Fresh, re-born, ready for the day? And how often do you wake up and still feel tired, wrecked. You had a full night of sleep, but for some reason you just want to turn around and sleep more? If you have a lot of those days, maybe Yoga nidra (click for video) – total relaxation can help you.

You go to bed, you wake up and you have the idea you have rested, but you still feel tired. Surely, you had eight hours of sleep, so how can this be? Sleep and relaxation are two different things. When we ‘live in our mind’, when we are tensed, because we are stressed, we do sleep, but we don’t relax. Unconsciously we pull up our shoulders, clench our teeth due to the stress we are under. When we go to bed, this goes on. Your eyes are closed, you mind becomes a bit slower, but your body is still tensed and in this tensed state it can’t relax. To really rejuvenate, to really feel fresh again, you have to relax your mind and muscles consciously. Only when they are relaxed, you get the quality of sleep needed to feel reborn again.

Yoga nidra is a ‘tool’ to do this. With this technique, derived from the tantras, you learn to relax consciously. Yoga nidra is often called dynamic sleep. It is not a state of total unconsciousness, of sleep. You are actually aware; fully aware. Your mind is open, receptive. You can compare Yoga Nidra best with a guided meditation. A teacher/guru will guide you, while you just lay down, in savasana; listening to her or his voice to relax your body, your mind. You just follow the instructions and do totally nothing. In this way you will actively de-stress and relax your body and mind.

You can use the technique of Yoga nidra also for studying. Normally when you learn something your mind starts to interfere; start to question what we are learn, why we learn it. This makes the process of learning more difficult. When your mind objects to what you learn, it takes longer. Of Course it’s always good to question what people are telling you, but sometimes our mind even objects when we want to learn. I’ve got it learning Spanish. There are so many exceptions (irregular verbs) that my mind is objecting, which means I learn way slower than I normally can. By doing Yoga Nidra you can open your mind, be totally receptive and learn faster by first putting the knowledge in your subconscious mind and than in your conscious mind. You can play – for example – a tape with Spanish words during Yoga Nidra. After it you read the list and it will stick in your mind better. 

With Yoga nidra you can also restructuring and reforming your personality from within, by looking at old emotions, old fears in this open ‘state of mind’. You relax totally, open your mind, shut off all this thinking and go to a state of full awareness, full being. This will bring old emotions to the surface, old blockages which will not only surface, but also evaporate, so they won’t be a hindrance anymore. And the only thing you have to do for it, is totally relax. What do you want more? Wanna try? Just click the link of the video. 

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yoga courses

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Thai yoga massage is practiced with clothes on.

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