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Yoga in bed

Yoga in bed

Early morning is the best time to do yoga, because with yoga we get start ‘all our systems’, like our digestive system as well. I know a lot of people don’t look forward to getting out of bed at five or six in the morning. So I made this Yoga in bed serie (click for video). This way you don’t even have to get up to do your yoga.

I know yoga in the morning is harder because our muscles are still tight, but it’s good for our body. The extra benefit: if we have done it, we don’t have to do it anymore. How often don’t we tell ourselves that we will do yoga in the evening, but at the end we got to bed without having done yoga? Simple because ‘other things’ got in the way, like work, a spontaneous dinner with friends etceteras. It doesn’t matter if that happens sometimes, but if it happens more and more, before we know it, we don’t do yoga anymore. And like I wrote before: yoga is a discipline.

If you’re one of those persons who has problems doing your yoga in the evening, just try this sequence. And for all other people: just try it as well. 


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