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Dutch Smiling Yogi in Yoga Magazine

Yoga for fun

Love, passion and energy are the pillars of my yoga classes. But if you have to summarize it in one word, that will be fun. A lot of people are taking yoga very serious. So do I, it’s my way of life; but I don’t take it too serious. If you love what you do, if you have fun doing it, you will keep on doing it. If it’s just serious business, it becomes another task you have to do. Something on your to do list. Now fun is something we always look forward to, our to-do-list mostly isn’t, so do yoga for fun.

At the beginning of this year Linda van de Pavoordt, Yoga Magazine, stopped by to do a little item on the Blauwe Parel, my former yoga school. I came across the article while getting rid of all the things I don’t necessarily need anymore. Rereading it, I thing she caught the essence perfectly. For those who don’t read Dutch, maybe you understand anyway. The title speaks for it selves: For Fun.

Yoga Magazine Article

Yoga Magazine Article


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