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Migraines and headaches are one of the most horrible pains to have. Yoga can help, by relieving tension in neck muscles and by reducing stress. This series is precisely made to do that.

Yoga to relieve migraines and headaches (video)

Migraines and headaches are one of the most terrible pains to have. And a lot of people have them. In the United States for example about 12 percent of the population gets them. Luckily yoga can help out, by relieving pain and reducing stress. Reducing stress leads to a lesser amount of migraines. If you suffer from them or from recurring tension headaches, this yoga series might help you.

Migraines are recurring attacks of moderate to severe pain. The pain is mostly on one side of the head. People who suffer from migraines are during those attacks sensitive to light and sound and may feel nauseated. Stress, diet, not enough sleep can influence migraines. That’s why it’s best to live a regular life and have a regular yoga practice.

Migraines versus tension headache

Another type of headache is a tension headache. This is mostly caused by tension in the neck muscles. If you have this type of headache you feel it often in both sides of your head. Massages are good to relieve tension headaches, but a yoga practice like this will help as well. Most important thing to do, is to practice yoga everyday to prevent the headaches from happening.

I hope this video will help you to get rid of them.


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