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John Kraijenbrink performing half-moon pose in a yoga class for beginners

Yoga class for (absolute) beginners (video)

Never done yoga of fairly new to yoga? Then this Yoga class for (absolute) beginners is something for you. A class with detailed explanation that you can follow; even if you have never done or only a few times done some yoga.

Don’t worry if you are not flexible. Flexibility is the result of doing yoga. It’s not a requirement. When I started out doing yoga I couldn’t even touch my knees. The only thing you have to do with yoga is giving it a chance and before you know it, you will enjoy it. It will calm down your mind, by taking away stress. It will make you healthier, slimmer and fitter.

Yoga course for beginners

And I’ve got more good news. If you like this class, you will definitely like our Yoga Beginners Course. You can download them in our shop. We ask a little donation in return for the time we put into the course and to be able to keep on sharing our love for yoga. But for as little as 5 euros you will get a course of 7 classes. All together more than 4 hours of yoga. You can do those classes seven days in a row or skip a few days. Just as it suits you.



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