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yoga to cure erectile dysfunction

Yoga can cure erectile dysfunction

Dealing with erectile dysfunction? Then there is good news. Yoga can be a solution. A lot of problems that cause erectile dysfunction can go away or be prevented by doing yoga.

Researchers from the Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda and Hospital in Karnataka, India recently stated this (again). In an article in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences, they noted: ‘Problems related to sex can very well be handled with Yoga as most often these problems are more related to the mind than body.’ But it’s not only the problems in the mind that can be cured or prevented. Also physical problems can be very well dealt with by doing yoga. As we’ve said in an earlier article; most comes down on lifestyle.


Cause of erectile dysfunction

To cure something we first have to know what causes it. So, let’s have a look at a research done by the John Hopkins University in the United States, that showed that 18 million men in the United States are affected by erectile dysfunction. That’s one on every 6.5 American man.

  • Cardiovascular disease is a big cause of erectile dysfunction. Yoga has proven to be a great way to prevent cardiovascular problems and to cure them. In the last couple of weeks I’ve read more than 150 scientific reports for a book on yoga Sara Bigatti and I are writing. All the research shows that yoga lowers blood pressure, heart rate, improves the oxygen intake and the ability of blood to bind oxygen.
  • Diabetes is another cause of erectile dysfunction. 50 percent of the people who have diabetes will be at some point in time be confronted with erectile dysfunction. Again, according to all the research we studied, yoga is proven to lower down cholesterol levels.
  • Obesity / lack of physical activity are a problem as well. Obesity and diabetes are linked, as you probably know. If you do yoga on a regular basis – minimum of 3 to 5 times a week – you move. The body needs movement and movement prevents obesity. At the same time, obesity is often caused by emotional eating as well. Or eating without any awareness of what you put in your mouth. You probably have heard of runners high; this buzz runners feel after training. Yoga does the same. It’s called yoga high. The body produces more endocannabinoid during exercise that last more than 1 hour and this endocannabinoid produces that high feeling. (Not endorphins as commonly thought.) If you feel happy of doing exercise, you don’t need to put food in your mouth to feel happy. At the same time: yoga increases awareness. Being aware of your behavior is the first step to change it.
  • Psychological problems is the last cause of erectile dysfunction. In all the men under 30 years that have erectile problems 25 percent of the cases is due to psychological problems. Mostly caused by performance anxiety, financial problems, death of somebody close, being homosexual, without being aware of it and being depressed.


Yoga beats stress

Let’s start with stress and a little technical explanation. To have an erection you have to be relaxed, because only when you’re relaxed you can get aroused. Now your brain things in black and white. Either you are in a fight/flight mode (read: stress) or you are in a relaxing mode. If you are stressed, you can’t have an erection. It’s as simple as that. To fight or flight the blood has to go to your muscles, not to your penis. Yoga is a great way to calm down your nervous system and bring you in a relaxing state of being.

Same for performance anxiety. If you do yoga – not just asanas, but really yoga – you are studying yourself and your actions. You are looking for the root of them and are curing the root. So, performance anxiety will disappear. You will also learn to deal with problems. Handling them when you have to handle them and being in the moment when you have to be in the moment. And when you have sex, you probably want to be in the moment.

Same for being homosexual. With yoga you start looking at yourself. Yoga is not about changing yourself, yoga is about being the best version of you. The true version of you. Often we just do things, without thinking about it. We do it, because everybody around us is doing it. We follow the examples set by society. Yoga teaches you to stop following others and start looking at what you want, feel and do. It teaches you to take initiative for your own happiness. It teaches you to look inside instead of looking at what others do. And by doing so, you’ll find your own path, find happiness. That happiness will beat all the stress your dealing with.

Yoga is not a wonder pill

Yoga can’t cure everything. Some things that are broken, can’t be fixed. Even with yoga. So, you shouldn’t use yoga to cure a problem when it has occurred. You should use yoga to make sure you’ll never have a problem. Prevention is wiser than healing. If you want to start today, have a look at our YouTube channel. You’ll find a lot of yoga videos there.

Stay hard, stay wild.


PS: this article is a follow up of the interview I had on February 24, 2018 with Lucy Beresford on her LBC radio show Sex and Relationships

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