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Workshop Partner Yoga in Rome: Sara Bigatti and John Kraijenbrink (Dutch Smiling Yogi)

Workshop Partner Yoga in Rome, Italy

Sunday the 10th of April 2016 Sara Bigatti and I are teaching a Workshop Partner Yoga in Rome, Italy. The day before, on Saturday the 9th of April, Sara is teaching a Vinyasa Flow workshop. Both workshops will start at 10 in the morning and finish at 1 p.m. They will be at Damo Martial Arts & Yoga: Via dei Prati Fiscali, 221 Roma. If you want to join you can sent an email to Damo.

On Saturday Sara will focus on balancing postures. Standing balancing, arm balancing; they will all come by. She will be assisted by me and Yolanda Hornman to get as many people trying crazy balances as possible.

Crossover Partner yoga & Acro yoga

On Sunday we will do a cross over between Partner yoga and Acro yoga. We will start with a long, fun partner yoga flow. Classic yoga asanas will come by, but we will also have some fun with dancing dogs and more. Next we will have a little play with some Acro yoga poses, like hammock and low flying whale.

Sara Bigatti

Sara is an Italian yoga teacher. She teaches a lot on YouTube. We met up in India at Sampoorna Yoga and we are now together working on two online projects. Her La Scimmia Yoga and my YouTube yoga channel, where you can do a new yoga class with me every Friday.  For starters the yin yoga class I released yesterday to open your hips.

While working on these projects we’re touring through Italy, Spain and are hoping to visit the Netherlands and maybe Albania. Teaching workshops here and there. Vinyasa flow, but also Partner yoga; a yoga discipline where you do every pose with a partner. Having the help of your partner will make you go deeper into a posture. It’s ideal for couples, but you can also do it with ‘just a friend’.



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