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Workshop arm balances

Workshop Arm balances

Yes! I’m really excited. I’m going to give a workshop Arm balances again. This time at Pure Yoga, Health, Adventure in Granada/Nicaragua. It’s all going to happen this Saturday 20th Of June between 11 am and 1 pm, so come and join me. I am going to explain a little about the anatomy of the different arm balances, so you know which muscle you should contract and which muscle you should relax. We are going to do some poses to prepare and built up for the different arm balances and we are going to do them in an easy and safe way. So if you want to get better at them, want to learn them of learn variations and different arm balances, come this Saturday to Pure Yoga.

We will be doing two workshops Saturday. After the arm balance workshop there is going to be an AcroYoga workshop. : 2 pm to 4 pm. We will look at the basics of AcroYoga: how to base somebody, how to fly somebody, how to give some ‘leg love’ to your base after she or he has been working hard to fly you. You don’t need any experience. Just stop by and have fun.

Arm balances look complex and in the beginning it feels like you need a lot of power to do them. As soon as you know the technique behind them, they are really becoming balancing poses. Challenging you, but that’s the whole idea behind them. They are actually very good to quiet your mind.

Acro Yoga is a combination of acrobatics, yoga and Thai Yoga massage. A fun way to do yoga with other people, but it reveals a lot about you as well.


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