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Yoga Sutra 3: Then the witness is established in itself

Then the witness is established in itself

Yoga Sutra 3

How often is your mind silent? Totally silent? Not bothering you with all kind of thoughts? Athletes have it sometimes: they come in a flow and can set amazing records. Musicians have it sometimes: they become one with their instrument and give an outstanding performance. People who are in danger have it sometimes: they go silent and can move beyond their own physical capacities to save their children, others of themselves. But in ordinary life? Our mind is there to help us, but instead of using it when we want to use it, it had taken over control and is causing us suffering instead.

The second sutra of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras says: Yoga is the cessation of mind. With yoga we can be in control again. We can learn how to silent the mind. How to put it back in place again, so we can use it when we want to use it. The mind is still there. We don’t want to get rid of it, we just want to control it. We want to decide when it’s functioning and when not. If we want to speak, want to do some calculations, want to prepare a yoga class, we ‘switch it on’ and put it to work. If we don’t want to use it, we ‘switch it off’, so it goes silent.

If we can do this, we have reached Yoga sutra three: Then the witness is established in itself. We don’t identify ourselves anymore with our thoughts, emotions, body or what so ever. We just look at the world, look at situations, without emotionally, mentally getting involved with them. We just ‘are’, enjoy, but don’t become attached to what is happening around us or with us. We take every moment as a new moment when it arrives, without holding on to the past of dreaming of the future. We are ‘in the moment’; we are established in ourselves.

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