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What is money worth?

What is money worth?

What is money worth? What is the value of gold? Of diamonds? Of a Bentley, a private airplane or a villa in the center of New York City?

My life revolves around yoga nowadays, just like I wanted for the last three years. I sold all my stuff and every time I sold something I just calculated how long I could travel with the money I got for it and how many days of yoga, meditation, pranayama and study that would be.

For me money is worth nothing. I don’t care about cold, jewelery, cars or big houses. I care about my computer and photo/video camera, because I share my love of yoga with them. But I mainly care about my yoga mat. That’s the place I feel happiest, that’s the place I love to go back every morning. No matter in which house, hostel or country it is placed.

Yesterday I read a beautiful peace in a free ebook I downloaded from to the Kindle app on my computer. It’s written by Annie Besant. In the book she states: “This world is full of forms that are illusory, and the values are all wrong, the proportions are out of focus. The things which a man of the world thinks valuable, a spiritual man must cast aside as worthless. The diamonds of the world, with their glare and glitter in the rays of the outside sun, are mere fragments of broken glass to the man of knowledge. The crown of the king, the sceptre of the emperor, the triumph of earthly power, are less than nothing to the man who has had one glimpse of the majesty of the Self. What is then, real? What is truly valuable? Our answer will be very different from the answer given by the man of the world.”

Our is the answer of the yogi’s. I know what mine is. I’m not interested in the gold, I am interested in yoga, in the asanas, pranayama, meditation and what lays beyond. And you?

Source: Besant, Annie Wood (2011-03-24). An Introduction to Yoga (p. 1). Kindle Edition.

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