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Screenshot of Dutch Smiling Yogi 3.0. Soon we will over yoga and tantra courses on our website

Welcome to Dutch Smiling Yogi 3.0

Yes! We’re back. Welcome to Dutch Smiling Yogi 3.0. If you’re a regular to this website, you probably have seen that we have a new layout. One we’re very proud of. One the talented Sara Bigatti designed for us. And one that fits with the big plans we have. If you’re a regular, you are probably curious why I’m talking about we. Just read on and you will know soon…..

The new lay-out means you missed out on some blogs over the last few weeks. Of course we could have written new blogs and worked at the new lay-out at the same time. But we’re yogis. Our priority is to do yoga, to study and learn, because only that way we can share our experiences with you guys. If we had worked on the new lay-out and had written blogs at the same time, we wouldn’t have had any time to do yoga. We believe happiness comes first, then work. So we decided not to go for a double load. But from now on, you can visit the site daily again and we will (almost) daily have a new blog for you.

New lay-out

So why the new lay-out? Because we’re changing ‘the direction’ Dutch Smiling Yogi is moving; towards the goal we had right from the start. We always wanted to share with you guys everything we do and everything we learn. We always had dreams how to do it, but we just didn’t got to it. Since our paths crossed with the Italian yoga teacher Sara Bigatti, we know how and what we precisely want. To cut a long story short: in the next couple of weeks we’re opening up the Dutch Smiling Yogi-shop. In the shop you will find yoga and tantra courses. Don’t worry, we’re not getting commercial. We still believe in sharing. That’s why we will only ask for a little donation for the courses. We teach and hopefully inspire you guys and you inspire us to go on and help us to go on with a few euros or dollars. Fair deal, not? So keep an eye out for our shop and our courses and deepen your practice and your love life with us. W’ll combine the website with a community on Facebook as well; so you guys can stimulate each other too.

Dutch Smiling Yogi 3.0 & friends

Last but not least: ‘we’. Why am I talking about we? Well, Dutch Smiling Yogi has become Dutch Smiling Yogi and friends. For does who know me all too well: I love sharing. I did that with my yoga school Blauwe Parel, which grew out into a community, I do that with my teachings and I do that on my website. Now that site has become ‘our’ site. Sara Bigatti is – as I already said – our muse. She will be writing some blogs for this site, will feature as photo model and will co-create some courses. Mark van Alphen always has been the technical guru behind this site. He will stay our ‘help line’ and will keep popping up in our travel movies. AJ Earley has joint us. The young yogi will share some of her healthy recipes with us, will write about creating a yogic atmosphere in your home and so on.

And we have one more person that will join us soon. Who that is…? That will stay a surprise a little longer. And you? Ready to join us as well? You’re always welcome. Just let us know through our contact form if you want to be part of Dutch Smiling Yogi 3.0.

Maybe you just want to stay a reader. That’s perfect as well. But we are curious what you think of our new site and plans. So let us know in a comment. Will you?




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6 Responses to Welcome to Dutch Smiling Yogi 3.0

  1. Debby 28 May 2016 at 14:02 #

    😀 just a big smile for you! Keep up the good work. Looks really good!

  2. John Kraijenbrink 28 May 2016 at 19:45 #

    Thank you so much. Happy to hear!

  3. Laura 29 May 2016 at 11:22 #

    The new site is looking fantastic! Can’t wait to read the new blogs, cook new things and see some amazing photos.
    And love the we by the way.

    Xx Laura

  4. stefie 29 May 2016 at 12:47 #

    Bravo! Very neat! Always trust the muse 🙂 have fun and keep spreading it!

  5. John Kraijenbrink 29 May 2016 at 15:45 #

    Hoping to be back in Holland this summer. Curious to hear all your adventures!

  6. John Kraijenbrink 29 May 2016 at 15:45 #

    And what a muse 😉
    We will. Hope our paths cross again one day!

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