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We are all one

We are all one

I love this photo. I had no clue it was shot when we were in savasana. It’s a nice, little memory of a really fun class. One of those classes you don’t really have to do anything as a teacher. The students bring in such an amazing energy, it just flows. Man, I love it to see more than 30 grown-ups playing as kids, giving massages, doing yoga and having fun. We ended this yoga class in a ‘close’ savasana. Holding hands. Focusing on our heart, letting the love flow from our heart through our left hand into the right hand of the person next to us. Feeling that we are all one.

Ocean of love

It’s a lesson my first philosophy teacher Gaurav Malik taught me long ago, when I did my first yoga Teacher Training Course at Sampoorna. We are all one. Whatever I do, will effect you, will effect all of us. Whatever you do, will effect me, will effect all of us. He explained it in a beautiful way. “We all think we are individuals, but we are all one. If we look at ourselves, we see our selves separate, different than the people around us. Compare it with rain. We see ourselves as a raindrop that is different from all the raindrops around us. When we reach enlightement we are this raindrop that falls into the ocean. Look at an ocean. Can you recognize the individual raindrops? There is only water. There is only one ocean of love.”

Gaurav’s words play in my mind on a regular basis. I think they apply on everything. We are all one and this world is a ‘closed’ circle. ‘Closed circle may sounds a bit cryptic, so I’ll give you an explanation. A few years ago I read a little article in the newspaper I was working for in those days. A business man had to stand trail, because his company dumped tons of toxins in a canal next to the main building of the company. The stuff they dumped was real, real poison. Serious shit. It should have been chemically treated to make it a little bit less dangerous.

We are all one

The business man knew that. He just had it dumped to save money. The fucking money again. The poison that kills our society. By dumping it, he had more profit. More money. For what? So he could give his children every day an expensive steak for dinner? And what is a steak? A piece of cow. What do cows eat? Grass. How can grass grow? Thanks to the water the roots take up from the earth. So by dumping poison in the water it will get into the grass, which will be eaten by a cow and the cow will be eaten by the businessman and his children. So by dumping toxins he is poisoning his own children. Simple because we live in a closed environment. Simple because everything is one. We are all one.

It was something I felt in class today. TTC’s at Sampoorna Yoga are hard. When you come here, you come here to improve your practice, to become more flexible, to become stronger, to look deeper inside, to gain an amazing amount of knowledge about the philosophy of yoga, about the human body, about meditation, pranayama and asanas. Teachers who work here, are all very knowledgeable. All on their own specific subject. Sudhir , the philosophy teacher, for instance is a former monk. He has practiced what he teaches. I feel very honored to be part of a team like this.

Share love

But practicing and studying so many hours in such a short time span also leads to tiredness. Today was a day where everybody felt it. This afternoon there was one more vinyasa flow class. Instead of draining the last energy out of them we did a group flow. Working together, doing asanas, but in a playful way. Having a little warming-up massage first to share love, playing together secondly to have fun and finishing with a big group savasana; to feel we are all one. Laying there, holding hands, letting love flow from our heart to the people around us, I could truly feel it. I think I wasn’t the only one. Nobody wanted to get up anymore. Everybody just wanted to stay. To be united like that. To be one.

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