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Want to become strong, stop ejaculating

Want to become strong, stop ejaculating

We are man, we are hunters. We don’t only like to hunt animals, we also like to hunt women. And when we catch them, we have this neanderthal urge to propagate; to spread our semen. Now this can be a bit of a problem. Why? Well, if we want to become strong, stop ejaculating is the trick.

Maybe this first paragraph is a bit black and white, but still… All religions tell their followers to live a celibate life. Yoga knows something like that as well: brahmacharya. It stands for celibacy, but not for celibacy like, for instance, in Christianity. The Christian church wants complete celibacy, but that’s not very healthy. Our sexual energy is strong. One of the three (love, fear and sex) strongest energies there is. Again: look at Christianity: why are there so many sexual problems within the church? Repressing sexual energy simple doesn’t work.

Sexual energy

Yoga doesn’t ask for repressing sexual energy; yoga asks for controlling it, guiding it. How? I’ll tell you in another article. For now let’s talk about ejaculation. Our body builds sperm cells.This is really good stuff. Day in day out, minute to minute our body produces new cells to replace damaged cells or cells who are just worn off: nerve cells, muscle cells, blood cells etceteras. But the best of the best, the showcase of the body are the sperm cells. Think of it: mix one sperm cell with a female ovule, let the mitosis go on for a while and you have the wonder of life: a new, little life. Grown out of one sperm cell and one ovule.

To be able to create this wonder of life this sperm cell has to be good stuff. And it is. It’s pure life force. Now we create this sperm cells day in day out. What happens when we ejaculate? We ‘throw them out’. We ‘give them away’. Immediately the body starts reproducing them. This is an exhausting task for our body. Why do you think we man fall asleep after having an orgasm? Women don’t, but they haven’t given away their life energy; we have and now we have to reproduce. So our body focuses on reproducing, shutting the rest of ‘our systems’ off, making us wanting to sleep.

Porn films

In a lot of porn films men are screaming their balls will explode. Don’t worry, they won’t. There is a limited amount of sperm that can be stored. The body keeps on making it, but it breaks down the ‘unused’ sperm as well. So why not just ejaculating it? Because we re-use this sperm. If we train hard, do strong asana practices we break down muscles. By doing so, we give our body the signal we are not strong enough, not flexible enough. Our body reacts by building stronger and more flexible muscles. It can use the building blocks for it, which it got out or our food, but it can also use this first class material that is in our body, this life force material we have inside and hasn’t been ejaculated out: our ‘old’ sperm. If this is in storage, it will use that: making us stronger in no time. But if we keep ejaculate our sperm, our body will use other material, material that is good as well, but that isn’t a first class product like our sperm.

So if you want to become strong, stop ejaculating. All old philosophy’s like yoga, like tantra have known it for centuries. All old scripts will tell you: hold on to your life force.

Does that mean you can’t have an orgasm anymore as a man? Yes you can; just one without an ejaculation. But that’s an topic for next time.

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