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Walking through Malaga, Granada, Barcelona

Walking through Malaga, Granada, Barcelona

Travelling around the world I got a few missions of my own. My main mission is promoting yoga, because I simply believe that if more people would do yoga, this world would be a better world. My second mission is healing people through yoga. It’s such an amazing tool for stress reduction, but also for for injuries, worn out bodies and so on. One of the missions I have for me is to see if I can find a place I would rather live than in the Netherlands. Don’t get me wrong, I love Holland, but it’s pretty rainy and cold out here and so many people are obsessed with making money to have a good life, that they actually forget to live a good life.

This year I spent six and a half months in Central America. I really loved it. Especially my time in Nicaragua. But being there I often felt as a tourist. Not when I was doing yoga at PURE yoga, health, adventure. Those moments I felt as being part of the yoga community we had there, but as soon as I left the yoga school, I felt like a tourist. Like a walking wallet. I know, I’m tall, white, I got funny hair and I’m not a local, but that doesn’t mean I like to be treated as a tourist. Also the expats who lived in Central America for a long time, where still treated differently than the locals. It’s part of life out there, but not a part I like.

Last week I spent in Spain; Malaga, Granada, Barcelona (see video). I always liked Spain. This time I fell in love with Spain again. The country has so much old, beautiful buildings because of all the different cultures that have been there. There is the sea, the mountains and I really like the lovely, relaxed, sportive people. O, and don’t forget the Spanish kitchen. So up until now Spain is my number one country. Than again, I’ve only seen 29 countries in this world, so maybe see all the others first.

2 Responses to Walking through Malaga, Granada, Barcelona

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    Debby 28 August 2015 at 17:18 #

    Nicaragua is lastig wat dat betreft inderdaad. Je hebt veel gezien in korte tijd!

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    John Kraijenbrink 28 August 2015 at 18:58 #

    Nicaragua is inderdaad lastig, maar wel heel mooi.
    Heb er het grootste deel van mijn 9 maanden in Centraal America doorgebracht, dus ben een redelijke ‘slow’ traveler. Aan de andere kant kan ik dit jaar zomaar op 8 landen uitkomen 🙂
    Wat is jouw volgende stop?