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Tantra: using the body to reach enlightement

Using your body to reach enlightenment

I can’t believe the last blog I wrote about tantra was half of October. I promised you more, but I’ve been extremely busy since with teaching anatomy, vinyasa flow, posture clinics and AcroYoga and Thai Yoga massage workshops at Sampoorna Yoga in India. Still doing it, but today I found a moment to do another article about Tantra. Still not my favorite exercise, but one more thing to get out of the way: using your body to reach enlightenment.

Lets start with a little bit of history. People have been wandering this earth for thousands of years and as long as they have been wandering around, they have questioned themselves: Why are we on earth? What is our goal? If we go back to the time Buddha was still walking around – in those days known as prince Siddhartha – the yogis and sages in India where convinced that we were a soul. A soul trapped in a human body. Some of them even tried to kill their body, to release there soul. If they succeed, nobody knows, because the ones that did kill their body couldn’t tell the result anymore.

Sexual energy

Tantra steps away from the idea that we are ‘only a soul trapped in a human body’. Yes, most yogis and Buddhists see their body as the temple of the soul, so they do take care of their body, but according to the tantrikas we can actually use our body as well to reach enlightement. I wrote an earlier blog about the main powers in this world: Love and Fear. There is one more I didn’t mention then to keep that blog simple. The third one is sexual energy. It is this energy we can use to reach enlightenment.

Okay this might be a disappointment for you, but sexual energy plays only a small roll in tantra. An important roll, but a small roll. Tantra is so much more than just sexual energy. It is – in the West – know for it, but it is much broader. Tantra on it’s own is a bit vague. Some people will say it is ‘just’ an ancient Indian text, dealing with worshiping the mother-goddess Laksmi, for others it is all about sexual energy and for some it has nothing to do with that.

Facing our fears

For as far as I studied tantra the biggest thing is facing ourselves with our fears, because it are these fears that are holding us back to freely enjoying our lives. We want to let go of them and the best way to do that is facing our fears and studying what is happening in our mind when we are afraid. For example: I’m afraid of heights. Every time I walk over a mountain or go to a high apartment I sweat all over, have goosebumps on my arms and can’t breath anymore. Getting in a situation like this over and over (there are a lot of high apartment buildings and hotels in this world) will cause a lot of stress in my life. Stress I don’t enjoy. It limits me as well. There are some amazing treetop walks and zip-lining circuits in tropical forests in this world. Being afraid of heights I would probably avoid them. So if I face myself with this fear – for example by standing on a high apartment building for 12 hours in a row, looking down – and look at what is actually happening and what projections, emotions and thoughts are created in my mind, there is a big chance I can overcome this fear.

Fear is always caused by a bad experience. That experience has led to an emotion and the combination of emotion and experience are stored in our mind as a neuro-linguistic bridge. I’ve talked about those things before. By breaking those bridges, by facing myself with my fears and letting go of them, just by looking at them from a new perspective and realizing I’m not my emotions and thoughts I can free myself from them. I can take the garbage out of my head and not by a slave of my old emotions anymore.

Big taboo on sex

So where did the sex go, what about using your body? In the West we are kind of restricted as it comes down on sex. An average porn site has way more visitors than this blog. Internet if filled with porn. That can only be if there is a big demand for it. But if you asked ten people if they watch porn, nine will blush and say ‘no’. I post almost all my blogs on my Facebook page (yes, you can connect with me there as well). The blogs I write about tantra are the ones that score the least likes. Funny enough my tantra articles are the best read articles. There is this big taboo on sex. For some reason we are afraid to talk about it and a lot of people are afraid to fully enjoy it or to speak freely about their sexual desires. It’s a deep rooted fear and because tantra is about facing our fears these are fears we can work with. To free ourselves.

A big part of (sexual) tantra is discovering what you actually like. The next step is communicating about it. Most people make sex a guessing game for their partner and complain to their friends that their partner sucks at sex. (Okay; bad word play.) But the problem lies within them. They don’t dare to talk about it.

Using your body to reach enlightenment

I will write more about communication in tantra in a later blog. For now, lets finally start using our body to reach enlightement. Lets assume you know what you like, you are able to communicate this to your partner, you have let go off all your fears regarding to sex and – as a man –  you know how to be multi-orgasmic (women can already do this stuff) and you can have full body orgasms. You are now ready for the next level. You probably have heard about kundalini energy. This is a strong energy that is stored in your lowest chakra. If you get sexually aroused you waken this kundalini energy. With the right breathing techniques you can bring it up through all your chakras all the way to your crown chakra. It will take you a lot of small full body orgasms to do so. When you manage – according to the yogis – you will reach enlightenment.

It’s a pretty big task, but it might be a fun one to be busy with. At the same time it is one to be careful with, because it is said that handling the kundalini energy in a wrong way or not being strong (mentally and physically) enough to handle it, it can drive you crazy as well. According to Osho having an orgasm is already experiencing a little bit of enlightement. Is already being a little bit in Samadhi. So if your orgasm tastes like more, where are you waiting for? Don’t only meditate, but start using your body to reach enlightenment as well.

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