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Yoga transition: Bakasana into Tripod Headstand into bakasana

Tutorial: Bakasana into Tripod Headstand into Bakasana (video)

I love to do some power training, but if I do it I prefer to work with my own body weight. That’s why this transition – Bakasana into Tripod Headstand into Bakasana (crow or crane pose) is perfect for me.

As you probably know: I like to have nothing, own nothing. So if I train, I like to be a minimalist as well. Weight training requires for some a lot of machines, for some others a lot of different weights. I like it most when I only need my own body weight or the weight of a partner. That’s one of the reasons I love AcroYoga. I can do ‘power training’ with the weight of somebody else. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go!

Tripod Headstand into Bakasana

But lets get back to Bakasana into Tripod Headstand into Bakasana. You need a bit of power to go in it with control and you need power to lift yourself back up into Bakasana as well. However: the challenge if for most people not in the power, but more in the balance. You have to find that precise point where you can lift up, without falling forward of backwards.  This tutorial will guide you through it step-by-step.

Have fun!

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