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Combination padlock

Travel tip: Little combination padlock

One of the things I have used most – being on the road for seven months now – is my little combination padlock. It comes in hand everywhere. I know, it’s not the world’s greatest invention and it won’t be the most surprising tip you will ever get, but it’s a handy one.

I like sharing rooms. Dorms are pretty noisy and there are always a lot of people coming in late or leaving early. When I’m on the road with somebody I prefer to share a twin. In Costa Rica and Nicaragua the price difference between a dorm and a twin or triple is next to nothing. The problem with twin or triple rooms is that there is often just one key available for the room. I like doing my own thing and the people I hang around with, are often the same. Leaving the key at reception isn’t always an option, so my little padlock helps out. A lot of rooms here in Central America have padlocks on them, so I only have to change the key padlock for my combination padlock and anybody I want can get in and out of the room.

Lot of rooms have lockers as well. (For the young people; that wasn’t the case about 15 years ago; but we didn’t travel with smartphones, computers etc). Padlocks are not always provided, so again, my little combination padlock comes in hand. And the good thing is: I don’t have to worry about the key.

Last but not least: I travel some serious distances. Sometimes I want to close my eyes. I have pretty good places to hide away my money, credit card and passport, but I’am a photographer and videographer. I have a serious camera with me and a computer I need badly. With my padlock I can lock my zippers together. It won’t prevent thieves from cutting open my back, it will prevent the ‘fast ones’ from snatching something out of it.

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