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Travel tip: electric water boiler

Travel tip: water boiler

It was on my first India journey – at the end of 2010 – that I decided to take a little electric water boiler with me. Just a small 1 litre kettle to boil my one water. Every journey since there has been one in my backpack. Every journey until this one, but I missed it so much I decided to get one again.

I’m a big tea lover. Travelling on a small budget I never want to pay one or two dollars for a cup of water and a tea bag. Mostly the tea bag is a tea I wouldn’t drink anyway (black tea or hardly any tea, but just some artificial flavour). By bringing my own kettle I can drink as much tea as I like and choose the tea (read: herbs) I want to drink.

On that first India journey I was very much loved because of my tea kettle. I was in Agonda, Goa to do a yoga teacher training and the place we were staying as students only had cold water. For me not such a big problem. I’m okay with cold showers and having funny hair (hardly any) I have no problem washing my hair with cold water. For the girls with long hair that wasn’t the same case, so they would regularly borrow my tea kettle to boil some hot water with which they could wash their hair.

And night the kettle would boil as well. We learned in our training that ginger was – among a lot of other things – good for digestion and that it was a blessing for your intestines to have a cup of ginger tea before you go to bed, because the ginger reactivates your digestion, putting your intestines at work overnight. So every evening Simon, Claudia and I would get together for a cup of ginger tea and a foot massage; another little thing we had learned: massaging our feet, to take care of our spine by foot reflexology.

My first little kettle became quit a traveller: visiting Malta, France, Austria and going back with me to India and one more time with Yana, a friend of mine who borrowed my backpack and – on my advice – the little kettle.

Not long after that I gave the kettle to somebody who was in need for it. For this journey I didn’t bother getting one, but after I few months I regretted it. Dorina was so nice to bring me down one from Canada when she came to visit me and Costa Rica (They are hard to get here in Nicaragua).

Ever since this little kettle is my friend again. At La Mariposa I set down every evening with Christina, enjoying a cup of tea before bed and I would boil water overnight to drink the next day. We had water filters, but my stomach kept keeping upset. Ever since I boil my water it’s fine again. Here in Granada I do the same. I enjoy my tea (lots of it) cold and warm and boil water overnight, just to clear it one more time, after it’s been filtered. The boiling process keeps my stomach happy.

So I already knew, but by now I’m a hundred percent sure: no journeys anymore without a little water boiler. It doesn’t weigh anything, you can fill it up, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your backpack and you have clean, drinkable, hot water wherever you go. And the best part of it: you have nice tea wherever you go as well.

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