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Training your pelvic muscles: overview

Training your pelvic muscles

If you want to get serious with Tantra it’s time to start training your pelvic muscles. These muscles will help you to bring your sexual energy from your genitals up to your head, so you can enjoy a full body orgasm. They will also help you to stop your ejaculation, so you can become multi-orgasmic.

But your pelvic muscles (often also referred to as pelvic floor muscles or perineal muscles) do more. They are essential for your health, because they prevent: urinary issues, prostate problems,  incontinence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and help with core stability and even belly breathing.

Where to find your pelvic muscles

Your pelvic muscles is a group of muscles located in an area known as the perineum, which is the triangular area between the coccyx (your tailbone), your sit bones and genitalia.

Functions of pelvic triangle

  • Physical support for the lower abdominal organs: bladder, uterus or prostate and rectum
  • Continence: being able to hold your urine in, but also starting or stopping urination, tightening the vagina or maintaining penile erection and contracting the anal sphincter
  • Respiratory support: making full belly breathing possible
  • Core stability: the pelvic muscles work together with the transverse abdominis. The pelvic diaphragm provides constant support and stability to the pelvis not only as we move, but in preparation for any movement, including simple arm movements.

Training your pelvic muscles

There is a lot of information on the internet for women on this subject. In the Netherlands (and I’m sure in other countries) there are even workshops were women learn to train their pelvic muscles; with the help of a special, artificial egg. So the exercises here are for men.

Before you begin training your pelvic muscles, you must first be able to isolate them. The easiest way to do this is by attempting to stop the flow of your urination. The perineal muscles are responsible for stopping the flow of urine, so you should feel them contract when you try to stop your flow.. If your muscles are not so strong yet, you might find it difficult to stop your flow. Place two fingers on your rectum and tighten the muscles and relax. You should be able to feel your muscles with your hand. If you go to the toilet, try to stop your urination about 5 times.

For the next exercise you want to empty your bladder first. You can do this one everywhere. Contract your pelvic muscles for five seconds and relax. Do this exercise 10 to 15 times. If possible in the morning and evening. Slowly built the contraction up till you can hold it for ten seconds.

Penis lifts

If you get stronger you can start ‘weight lifting’ with your penis. To do so, make sure you have an erection. Now place a towel over your penis and try to lift up. Start with five lifts and slowly built up until you can do 3 series of ten. Then start using bigger and heavier towels.

You can use the strength in your pelvic muscles to stop ejaculation. If you are mastering that, it’s time to move on and start sending your sexual energy up your spine to experience full body orgasms. I’ll write about that next time. For now: have fun training your pelvic muscles.


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