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Sara's Totoro Tattoo

A Japenese Totoro Tattoo in Mexican colors on an Italian arm

Totorooooooo!!!! Two little Japanese boys are yelling like crazy as soon as they see the Totoro tattoo on Sara‘s arm. The spirit of the forest is a hero in Japan. The teddy bearish creature only played in one movie, but in Japan everybody knows who Totoro is. And not only in Japan.

Sara’s Totoro Tattoo

In Italy Totoro is a hero as well. Where in a lot of Western European countries American series and movies were dominating the television screen in Italy it were Japanese series and movies. They were cheaper than American ones, so a whole Italian generation grew up with Japanese manga and other cartoons and movies.

For Sara Totoro is a hero as well. The spirit gives her a special feeling. In this vlog she will tell you everything about it.


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