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my favorite travel youtubers

My top 3 favorite Travel YouTubers

As you know Sara and I spent a lot of time on the road. A great way to prepare nowadays is to scan YouTube for the places I go; to see what I want to see with my own eyes, to know which vegetarian restaurants I should visit and where I can make some yoga movies or some classes for an online yoga course. This is my top 3 favorite Travel YouTubers.

Elizabeth Travels

I think I fell in love with Elizabeth Travels when Sara and I were researching for our trip to Vietnam. She did what we would love to do: tour Vietnam on motorbike. Our trip hasn’t happen yet, because we bought our retreat place in Spain so we had to postpone with a year. But one day…

Elizabeth’s travel vlogs are personal, not ‘over-styled’. Just how I think a vlog should be. I want to have the feeling a friend is talking to me. Have the idea I can almost bond with this person. Television is perfect; vlogs should be personal, open.


Athlete, traveler, vlogger, foodie and happy bouncing ball. As I said, I like authentic; this guy is. Travels the world teaching, trying out food and just enjoying life. Simple, straight forward.

Here Be Barr

I came across Here Be Barr looking at some tips for New York. Another trip that is high on my to do-list. He lives there, shares his best spots. But he’s on the road a lot as well: Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii. Another great thing on his side are is AirBnB tips. Pictures of AirBnB places are often great to look at, but the reality… On his YouTube channel you can have a sneak peak of some AirBnB places.

No big names

My favorite travel YouTubers are ‘small names’. Most of you probably know the big hot shots. Some of them are great, some of them are overrated. They have a lot of followers, because it’s ‘hot’ to follow them. Some I find to ‘over styled’. Like I said: I love authentic. Rough. People traveling with a camera and making me part of their journey. If it’s to styled or set-up it becomes a travel magazine. A television program. I like it when it’s not perfect. Maybe because I’m far from perfect as well.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite travel YouTuber is.



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