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Too cheap yoga retreat - volcano view

Too cheap yoga retreat?

During my travels I meet a lot of backpackers who want to do a yoga retreat, but can’t because they can’t afford it. Prices sometimes go crazy. I wanted to do something about it and thanks to Mariposa Spanish School and Eco-hotel I am able to host a cheap yoga retreat. But so far bookings are slow, so now I’m wondering: is it a too cheap yoga retreat?

Most yoga retreats cost between 1000 and 1750 US dollars for a week. They include a lot of extras, like surfing classes, cocktails, massages, gifts like yoga mats and are mostly held on beautiful beach resorts. Teaching at some of those retreats I found out there isn’t a lot of time enjoying the beach if you want to do all classes. So with La Mariposa we went back to the basics: good classes, good food, a good bed. No cocktails, you have to bring your own mat and we are not on the beach, but will take you there twice. For the rest: we do a lot of yoga. More then on most retreats, because next to two classes a day there will be three workshops.

But like I said: bookings are slow. A lot of people are looking at the retreat site, but are not booking. So I’m wondering: are most people afraid that cheap is poor quality? I know my classes, I know how people mostly react on my classes. Back home, when I was teaching yoga in the park of Tilburg, hundred people would show up and the yoga concerts I was teaching were all sold out. I know the food we serve at La Mariposa. Almost everybody raves about it. It’s not for nothing we are making a recipe book at La Mariposa and we have the first orders for it already in, while the book isn’t finished yet and nobody has seen it, except me.

Beds are good. They’re in a dormitory, but that’s why we don’t ask a thousand dollars. And the place we host the retreat isn’t on a beach, but views are stunning. I teach there on Sundays and everybody becomes quiet, just being there. And we do go to the beach: twice. At Laguna de Apoyo (one of the top sites of Nicaragua) and at La Boquita.

The reason we can offer the retreat cheap is because La Mariposa works with local workers, knows the markets and buys (organic) local food. It’s goal is not to make a profit, but to supply jobs for as much locals as possible. As a teacher I teach the retreat voluntarily. I fell in love with Nicaragua, with the community, with La Mariposa and my hosting this retreat together with them I want to help out a bit. So all money that comes in through the retreat will go back to the local community, the local economy. Helping people helping themselves. That’s the Mariposa vision, that’s my vision. But it only works if we have a lot of people signing up.

So if you want to do a retreat, come over. Don’t be scared. This isn’t a too cheap yoga retreat. This will be an awesome one and you won’t only have an amazing retreat, you will also help the people in Nicaragua.

Hopefully our paths cross soon. 

If you do want to come, you can book your place through La Mariposa:
Info about the retreat on:

2 Responses to Too cheap yoga retreat?

  1. Avatar
    Caroline Feyaerts 13 April 2015 at 07:25 #

    Hi John, it sounds really great and i think it is a wonderful initiative but as with everything in businesslife: you have got to promote, promote and promote. Never give up. I don’t know how you guys intended selling this programme but it has to be promoted on a regular basis. And remember that such things grow slowly. Good luck! Keep the faith and never give

  2. Avatar
    Janneke 14 April 2015 at 20:42 #

    Hi John, I wish I could join, but unfortunately, I´m in the Netherlands. However, I agree with the comment below. You need to promote and once you have done your first (or maybe second) yoga retreat more people will become interested – mouth to mouth promotion is best. Especially for travellers who will pass the word onto others.. Anyway, I am sure participants will fall in love with your classes 🙂

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