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Tinder Temptation

Tinder and the lost art of temptation

People. If you ask me what the best thing of travelling is, my answer would be people. I love meeting strangers, learning shitloads about other countries by meeting people. Being back home that’s the thing I miss most: meeting strangers. To get a little back into ‘backpacking’ I’m trying Tinder. Mark recommended it. He actually already did when he came over to Nicaragua, so I can compare Tinder in the Netherlands with Tinder in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. I’m not to positive about the Netherlands. Here is why:

Too straight forward
As Dutch people we have the reputation to be straight forward. I like that. I think I’m pretty outspoken as well. But reading Tinder profiles I read a lot of profiles of girls telling guys off. They are not interested in one night stands, they don’t like to see photos of guys without a shirt, with their car or guys who have caught a big fish. I can totally understand you don’t want to be approached for one night stands and you are not interested in certain photos, but you can simple swipe away.
Next to that I read the texts of one nights stands in profiles I think off: ‘Wow, so there is somebody who wants to sleep with you. Lucky girl’, and in profiles of girls who barely wear anything themselves. If us guys have to look at all those bikinis, why can’t we have a photo without a shirt? Or do you rather see us in a bikini as well?
I have to admit: I don’t mind the bikini photos. I think a good looking body is a sign you are taking your health seriously.

Desperately seeking Susans
Every relation starts with a first date. Well, I think. I have one friend who meet a girl in a bar one night. She went home with him. Next morning they woke up, went over to her parents (where she was living again after her last relationship broke up) got her stuff and she moved in with him. They lived happily ever after. But as far as I know, this is the only relationship without a first date. So many girls shout out in their profile that they want to have a relationship for the rest of their life. They are not interested in dating, they want to meet the man of their life; straight away. Why not just have a cup of tea, enjoy some time together and maybe you get a second date and a third and, and, and….
If not you had a nice night. Just enjoy the dating game. Beats watching television.

You girls want us to be original. I think I’m pretty creative. But you have to give me something to work with. If you just put three photos online of you drinking wine and no text how can I be creative? What should I write? That I think you are an alcoholic, because I only see you drinking? I don’t think that’s the opening you are after.
And If you do put some text down, but it only says 1.78 it doesn’t work as well. And I do hope 1.78 is your height and not your IQ.

I’m not really interested in bestiality. If you are, that’s okay. It makes me understand why you don’t like photos of guys who caught a fish. I like pets, I think it’s cute to see a photo of you and your cat or dog, but I start to wonder when I see four or more photos of you kissing your dog straight on the mouth. No clue what message you want to give me, but I hope it’s not the message I’m receiving.

I don’t know how to translate this Dutch word. It’s moms, but more moms who have nothing sensual in them anymore. If kids are a part of your life I understand you have photos with them, but just photos of you and your kids? Where is the temptation, where is the romance, where is sensuality? Is there still a you or are you married with children?

Their are a lot of fake profiles on Tinder. In two ways. Girls who just like all the profiles of guys to see how many likes they can get and as soon as they have a ‘like’ delete the match and girls using Tinder to get guys to come to pay sites ‘for something naughty, horny and exciting’.

Group pictures
The other thing I see is a lot of group pictures. Seemingly I have to work out who is the real you. A openings picture with a very hot looking friend isn’t helpful as well. Often I prefer the friend.

The pictures you choose say something about you. It gives a inside of who you are. The lines you put with them say something as well. Choose them wisely. I see a lot of pictures of girls signing a wedding book; ever thought about what kind of message you are giving? And girls in wedding dress, with their ex (I presume) cut off.

If you put some next, why not make it interesting. Why just a straight forward list with demands? Where is the romance in you? Where is the game of temptation? Do you want to seduce a guy or just pick one up as an item you just buy in the supermarket? This weeks sale: coffee, milk and guys.

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