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Power of creation

The power of intention

Where I’m going to write about now, is something I would have laughed at loudly ten years ago: the power of intention. By now I believe that if we set an intention, we can create our own lives. Intention and action are the only two things we need.

Of course a lot of us want to win the jackpot in the lottery, so the chance that will happen is pretty small. But is that what is going to make you happy, is that what you really, really want inside. Mostly there is a deeper wish, a deeper desire. Money is only a means to fulfil that desire. If you find your desire you can start playing with the power of intention.

Why do I believe in this? I’m always the guy telling people to keep both feet on the ground? The guy who is very sceptic of guru’s who ‘perform miracles’ etceteras. But I do believe in this, simple because I have experienced it and I’m experiencing it now. The only thing is, it doesn’t work if you just lay down in your bed, feeling sorry for yourself; complaining: ‘If I only had this, if I only had that…’. You have to take action: put positive wished out there in the universe.

It doesn’t happen instantly. At least: not with me. But looking back, I can actually see I’ve got what I asked for. A few examples: When I was still running my yoga school and massage practice I would have periods where I was really low on money. So I wished for more massage clients, more people coming to do yoga for a tryout. Within a few says my phone would go multiple times with people booking massages or try-outs. It worked the other way around as well. If it was too busy I would think/ask for some cancellations and surprise, surprise (or actually by now: no surprise) massage clients would postpone their massage.

Out here, in Nicaragua it’s happening again. I really missed doing Acro Yoga, so I set an intention for Acro Yoga and suddenly people showed up, who liked to do Acro Yoga. Coming back from my retreat in Costa Rica I rediscovered how much I like to be around yogi’s, dancers, people who love to workout and be fit. And here I am: at the same Spanish school I have been working for a while, but last Sunday I had 11 people in my yoga class: the highest turn up so far and yesterday there were six of us working out; doing abs and upper body strength and every afternoon I’m flying with a dancer and a gymnast.

And my stay here is proof that it works as well. For a long time I wished for a place where I could work, could put in my creativity, but especially where I had the time to do a morning practice. Being here, at La Mariposa Spanish school & Eco-hotel, I do photography, make videos, get a lot of freedom to create my own projects and have the time to get up every morning at five and do two hours of yoga, pranayama and meditation.

I might have not won the lottery, but I don’t care. I love the life I have created through the power of intention. I believe you can to. You just have to start putting your intentions out and start taking responsibility for your own happiness. Act, follow your heart and the power of intention will do the rest.

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