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Join John Kraijenbrink in this Thai Yoga massage video tutorial for your hamstrings

Thai Yoga Massage for your hamstrings (video tutorial)

Thai Yoga massages are one of the nicest massages I know. This massage is especially for your hamstrings. It’s a nice one when you have done an intense hamstring asana class or some Acro Yoga.

After I did my first yoga Teacher Training Course I decided to study sports massage. Impressed as I was with how the human body could adept to yoga; even on older age. After finishing that study I was looking for a cross-over between yoga and sports massage and found it in Thai Yoga massage. It’s roughly a mixture of the yoga from India and acupressure from Japan/China.

Treat for your hamstrings

Nowadays I travel around the world giving Thai Yoga massage workshops, Teacher Training Courses and retreats. In all of them we spent a lot of time on legs. Why? Just try this video tutorial and you’ll probably agree that it’s a treat for your hamstrings. We stretch them a lot in yoga, make them work hard during running and Acro Yoga. With this massage you’ll take nice care of them.

Full Thai Yoga Massage

If you enjoy this small Thai Yoga massage then check out our web shop. We have a full Thai Yoga massage tutorial for you online for only 5 euro’s.

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