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Teaching in Tirana (Albania)

Life of a traveling yogi: Teaching in Tirana and a lot of packing

I’m teaching in Tirana (Albania) at Tirana Yoga. Another place yoga has brought me to. I’m pretty amazed to see all the places I’m ending up thanks to yoga. This is ‘just’ another one.

Last weekend Rachel Berryman and I taught an Acro Yoga workshop and a Thai Yoga massage workshop. Next weekend I’ll teach an Ashtanga workshop from an alignment and anatomical point of view.

A lot of packing

But before I could enjoy teaching in Tirana I had to do a lot of packing. The apartment we hired, is sold, so we had to move: from Candelaria to Icod. And the journey I’m on, is a long one. After Tirana I’ll go to the Netherlands to arrange my visa then on to Milan to teach at the yoga festival there and to give a lecture at Tetra Pak about yoga and ayurveda. After that Sara and I are of to India to teach at Sampoorna yoga for a few months. It made packing an interesting ‘logistic’ operation.


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