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tantric massage

Tantric massage

Happy me. Sitting on the sofa at the end of a long day. Cup of tea in my hands, bag of nuts on my lap and some mantras chanting out of the speakers. Happy, big smile on my face, because I gave a tantric massage again. It’s one of the most beautiful massages I know, but I only do it when I feel comfortable with the person I’m giving the massage to. Simply because it’s a fully naked massage. Not just the person receiving the massage, but the one giving it as well.

Most massages I give, are therapeutical massages. It means I’m very focussed on the mental of physical problem I am trying to solve. My hands feel and guide, but my brain is very much involved as well; analysing everything my hands meet. I love giving them: helping and healing.

A tantric massage is totally different. It feels like freedom, like a dance. My hands guide, my mind isn’t involved. My hands just flow, unrestricted by towels that cover body parts or by clothing. I don’t have to be aware or don’t have to be afraid I’m coming close to or touching ‘private zones’. I can massage freely.

Part of the massage is even massaging sensual spots. Bringing up the sexual energy from the pelvic area to the head. But – big rule – there is no penetration. It is a massage, it’s working with sexual energy, but there is no sex involved in the sense of penetration. It can be a nice part of foreplay, but it can be a massage on it’s own as well. Bringing up sexual energy doesn’t have to end in having sex. That’s the part I especially like. It can also be a very nice ‘trust exercise’ that nothing has to happen, being naked together and being touched.

But as I said before I mostly like the freedom, I mostly like that I can massage, having long strokes from head to toe. Playing some nice music that fits the massage, switch my brain off and just feel, follow my intuition and let my hands flow.

This evening I spent with a very special friend. She is – just like me – very interested in tantra. We are on the same spiritual level and we have the same view on relationships. I hadn’t seen her for almost ten months, but it felt like yesterday. We talked a bit, came across tantra as subject and spontaneously decided to do a massage. Nothing planned. So we went inside, put some quilts on the floor, undressed and she came sitting on my lap in yabyum pose. Her arms around me, my arms around her. Connecting. Feeling each others heartbeat, each others breath. Slowly I laid her down on the quilt, took some coconut oil and started massaging. We  followed our inner guidance and it became and amazing, sweet, long, sensual massage that only ended, because time was telling us she had to get the last train home. 

And now I’m sitting on the sofa. Enjoying the beautiful connection we had, enjoying the moments we shared together and at the same time enjoying the ‘me time’ I have now with a cup of tea, some peanuts and a piece of chocolate.

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