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Tantra is a way to find ultimate bliss; enlightenment. A way where body and mind are used to reach this ultimate happiness. Tantra is often associated with sex / sexual energy. It’s true sexual energy can be a part of it, but tantra is much more.
On this page you’ll find tantra exercises, blogs about tantra philosophy, blogs with a tantric view on love and relationships and a special section Tantra for Men.

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What is tantra?

Tantra is mostly associated with sex and sexuality. But it is much more. At the same time sexual energy plays a big role in it.

The goal of tantra is to reach ultimate happiness. Bliss. It’s the same goal as yoga has, but with a slightly different approach. In Sanskrit the word tantra means to weave. A definition is weaving the Divine with the divine in you. Yoga wants the same. So what is the difference?


Yoga is all about the mind. Yes: yoga has the asanas; the yoga poses. The yogis started to do these, because their bodies were deteriorating. They slept and meditated and didn’t took care of their bodies. They found out their bodies needed some attention as well. That is why they started to practice asanas. Only just enough to keep their body healthy. Reaching enlightenment (bliss) could only be reached through their mind; they assumed.

Tantra sees the body as a path to reach enlightenment as well. The body and the mind. Just like yoga it puts a lot of emphasis on meditation and on self study: why do we do what we do, why do we think what we think, why do we react the way we react? At the same time the body plays an important roll. In our body we can feel energy. Sexual energy, Divine energy. It’s this energy that can ‘weave’ the divine in us with the universal Divine. If we can do this, we will reach a state of ultimate happiness.

Unresolved emotions

Old emotions, unresolved emotions, wrong self believes and an unfit body are in the way to make this energy flow freely through our body. Wrong sexual ideas, unfulfilled desires as well. Through yoga, meditation, pranayama and tantra exercises we can clear these blockages and find ultimate bliss.


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