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I'm gong to miss Meditation Garden San Isidro

Meditation Garden San Isidro

Packed my bags again. Sure I’m going to miss this place. But my work is done. I created the website of Meditation Garden Costa Rica / Meditation Garden San Isidro. From September onwards it will be open ‘for the public’. The last two and a half weeks it was just me, meditating here. Every morning […]

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Flying Alessandra

Flying Alessandra

The best thing about Yoga Retreats? Lot’s of people to fly! Up until this morning I was teaching yoga at the Yoga Retreat of Toronto (Canada) based yoga teacher Petra Tomuta in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Costa Rica. We had some rainy days, so that meant time to do some flying. (Although we did […]

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Puerto Viejo: Costa Ricas hippie place

Puerto Viejo; hippie paradise of Costa Rica

A perfume of marijuana and sunscreen protections fills the streets. An old man, with a big grey beard, barely dressed in an old, blanched pair of shorts, that was once blue, cycles by, showing all the layers of skin, hanging loose around his belly. Close to the beach four guys, all with dreadlocks are slowly moving […]

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Jungle Tour Costa Rica; going down a waterfall

Swinging like Tarzan

Six, seven, maybe even eight meters. Somewhere there is the ground; the scrub. I’m here, high above on a little platform in this enormous tree. In front of me is nothing. A big gap. Thirty meters in front of me is another platform. The only way to get from this side to the others, is […]

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Costa Rica an example of preserving and protecting nature

Making money by preserving nature

Tourism and nature: there is a lot of tension between the two. Beautiful coral reefs attract a lot of divers, but a lot of divers destroy the coral reefs. And what to think of all the hotels and restaurants that are needed to host and feed all those divers. The same counts for wildlife lovers: […]

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Flag of Costa Rica

Review: Casa Del Parque – San Jose

It feels like home: Beautiful, very clean and relaxed hostel. Nice dorm with good beds. Television room, living room, well equipped kitchen, nice garden, friendly staff and beautiful park in front of the door. It’s just a few minutes walk into the city center. If you go out at night: make sure you have a […]

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San Jose Costa Rica

Anonymous in San Jose

Long, straight streets, cars speeding by everywhere. more fast food shops than good is for humans, shoe shops every fifty meters and people with green, orange, pink, long, short and strange hair everywhere. This is San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. A buzzing town full of busy people, who don’t look amazed when they […]

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