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Sun salutation Festival (Zunnegroet) Drenthe

Guru, guru, wahe guru, guru ram das guru. It’s a few minutes past five in the morning when I wake up in my tent on camping the Knieplanden in Zweeloo, just outside of Aalden. Guru, guru, wahe guru… Somebody is actually singing. When I stick my head outside I see that the overcast has cleared and some stars are shining high in the sky. Guru, guru, wahe guru, guru ram das guru. The sound is coming from the tent next to me. I could have known. It’s the tent of Daniël Hari Bir Singh​, the kundilini yogi. It’s five o’clock so his Sadhana is beginning. Sun Salutation Festival (Zunnegroet) Drenthe wil start in an hour. I was planning to be there at the start, but being a wake already, I’m not sure I’m going to make it. My body isn’t ready yet. I close my tent and my eyes again and start humming Guru, guru, wahe guru…

Four hours later I wake up. Again. Refreshed this time. The mantra actually put me sound to sleep. It’s a strong, healing mantra and it has done it’s job alright. Slowly me and Crised – my lovely assistant this festival – walk over to the big field of Zunnegroet. It advertises as the yoga festival in the middle of grasslands and it really is, because when I start teaching my Thai Yoga massage workshop the shepherd and his sheep are watching; just five meters away from all the yogi’s. Maybe the sheep want to have a Thai massage as well?
The workshop is one hour so the massages are just half an hour each, but they do the job. Afterwards everybody is so relaxed they don’t want to get up anymore, despite the rain that slowly starts to fall.
I do want to get up. Erik Wijnands is teaching acrobatic yoga and I don’t want to miss his workshop. I love his classes and he is one of the few people that can fly me. Normally I’m to tall and I’m the base at AcroYoga, today I can fly, fly, fly. Guru, guru, wahe guru…

After lunch I’m up one more time. This time Crised and I teach partner yoga. A bit funny with Crised being almost half a meter smaller than I’am, but some how we seemingly make it look really easy. When the fun part starts Erik is helping out, doing the Dancing Dogs, which are always good for a laugh. When the hour is over, everybody is looking happy, amazed about what for ‘acrobatic’ poses they have done together and is lying comfortable in double child pose, feeling totally relaxed.

For me it means the end of the festival for now and probably for the coming years. In October I’m leaving the Netherlands and will travel around the world teaching where ever the wind takes me. So maybe I’ll be back next year, probably not. For now the wind takes me back home, back to the other side of the the Netherlands. On the way back, in the car, I start humming again: Guru, guru, wahe guru, guru ram das guru.

Zunnegroet Festival Drenthe

Zunnegroet Festival Drenthe

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