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Suffering from indecisiveness

Suffering from indecisiveness

We have a plan. Well, maybe not so much a plan, more an idea. And Idea were to go, when to go. It sounds as something very simple, but for a traveller it can be a big thing. Sometimes we travellers are suffering from indecisiveness.

For me there is a big difference between being on a holiday and travelling. When I’m on a holiday there is always this time pressure. I only have a few days or weeks and there are a lot of things I want to do in those days/weeks, so I become very efficient. The beauty of travelling is having all the time in the world. You just go to a city, town, beach or forest and if you like it, you stay. If you don’t like it, you move on. Simple as that.

Well almost as simple as that. See, there is this little problem. A problem some of us have: this suffering from indecisiveness. Having all the time in the world, also means no pressure, no deadlines, nobody waiting, no job waiting. That makes it a little too relaxed. .

My last ten days I spent in Granada. I am an traveller; at the same time: I’m a global citizen. I work around the world, teach yoga, give massages, make photos and videos, blog. So I did spent my days well and divided my time between my computer and the swimming pool. The last thing sounds as a luxury, but in Granada it’s a necessity.

I spent my days blogging, emailing, writing the manual for my upcoming yoga teacher training in Budapest and finishing some loose ends of the last volunteer project I worked on. The only other thing I had to do, was decide. Decide if I still want to visit the north of Nicaragua; and when. Decide when to go to Ometepe and where. Decide when to move down to Costa Rica, because my next teaching job is in San Isidro. I tried a few times to make these decisions. Well, at least I told myself a few times to do it. I even opened up the Lonely Planet, looked at the date of my visa that is running out, but I didn’t make a decision. And I still haven’t. As soon as there is no time pressure, I become indecisive. I go blank. Always have. I was a great journalist when deadlines were short. The shorter, the better. I’m great under time pressure. I’m totally shit when I have all the time in the world. I’ve got a big talent for putting things off. Putting myself under pressure, running out of time. And then I can fix it, then there is pressure again.

Being on the road, I see the same problem by a lot of backpackers. Loving a place is one, getting stuck, because you just can’t decide where to go next is another. Nathan – a guy I’m travelling around with at this moment – already renamed Oasis, the hostel we stayed in, ‘Hotel California’; you can check out every time you like, but you can never leave.

It’s the way it felt for him, it’s the way it felt for me. We didn’t really plan to travel together, but both of us were suffering from indecisiveness. He planned so many times to go, he stayed. I had at least the excuse I was teaching a workshop in Granada last Saturday. I had to be there. But after Saturday… I stayed. Up until this morning. This morning we finally left and headed for Ometepe, with Sally and Andrea. Here we have big plans: go windsurfing, hike the volcano, do more Acro Yoga, go horseback riding. When we are doing what precisely? Euh… we haven’t decided yet…..

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