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Stuffed Fried Courgette Flowers: a strange delicacy

Fried courgette flowers stuffed with goat cheese

Fried courgette flowers (zucchini); I heard of it a lot of times and wanted to try it, but I had no clue how to make them, so for some reason I never tried them. Up until Sara made them for me. Eating flowers felt strange, but I have to say: they were nice. Real nice.

I don’t know what it is. Some things just feel strange to eat. Snails, tentacles of a squid and flowers. Don’t ask me why. I’m a big tea lover. I drink all kinds of herbs and I love tea ceremonies with flower buds. They have something magical when you put them in hot water and they slowly open. But eating them….

Veggie garden

In the Netherlands I use to have a veggie garden. Courgettes were easy to have. I loved the big, yellow flowers. I can’t remember who, but somebody told me you could eat them. I always wondered how they tasted and always planned to make them one day, but it never happened.

A few weeks ago Sara and I were on the Farmers Market in Guimar (Tenerife). Sara saw the courgette flowers and directly decided to buy them and prepare them. So in the evening I had my first, with goat cheese stuffed and fried courgette flowers. And I have to say: I really enjoyed them. If you want to have a go as well, here’s the recipe:

Ingredients stuffed fried courgette flowers

  • fresh courgette flowers (you can’t keep them to long after picking them)
  • sunflower oil to fry them in.
  • 1 egg
  • rice flour
  • beer
  • (soft) goat cheese
  • pepper, salt, sea salt
  • chili

Preparring Courgette flowers

  • Start with the filling
  • Chop the chili in very tiny pieces
  • Mash the goat cheese. Add the chili, pepper and salt and mix
  • Now it’s time for the batter
  • Mix the rice flower with the egg and a little bit of beer till you have a tick batter
  • Time to fill the flowers
  • Carefully open a flower. Spoon some of the filling inside. The flower with filling shouldn’t be thicker than 1 centimeter. Close the flower, twisting the ends of the petals to seal. Go on till all flowers are filled
  • Heat the sunflower oil in a pan (about 180 degrees). Dip the flowers in the batter and fry for about 2 minutes. Don’t put too many at one time in the pan. After 2 minutes carefully flip them over and fry for a minute and a half. They should look nice and light brown now.
  • Before serving sprinkle them with sea salt



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