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Yoga Abs work-out

Strong abs less back pain

As long as I can remember I have low back problems. Even as a kid my low back was a big problem. Ever since I’m doing yoga my problems are more or less over. More or less, because it is still a weak point. At this moment I mainly train by abdominal muscles, because: strong abs, less back pain. If you want to train them as well, here is a little video.

It sounds a bit strange. Mostly we relate back pain to our back muscles. It’s what the physiotherapists did tell me in the past as well: train your back muscles. I did. I trained, trained and trained. The result? My back problems only got worse.

The thing is abdominal muscles work together with back muscles when you are bending, straightening or lifting. If you have weak abs all the pressure comes down on the muscles of your back, with a big chance on injuring them.

As a massage therapist most of my clients came in with either pain in their neck or in their low back. Neck mostly was stress related, low back was nine out of ten because of a lack in abdominal power. Massaging them helped and solved the pain, but that wasn’t a structural solution. Mostly I prescribed them a yoga routine. There is one little problem: not having strong enough abdominal muscles it’s hard to train them. Most people ‘hang in their low back’ while doing abs-work. This routine strengthens your abs, but be sure you are not ‘hanging in your low back’.

If you do this routine three times a week, you will see that your low back problems will be way less over time.

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