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Six enlightenment ways to update your yoga studio

Six enlightening ways to update your yoga studio

Is it time to update your yoga studio, but you’re not sure where to start? Whether you just became a certified instructor, or have been teaching for years, these tips for any budget will help bring zen and vitality to your space.

Start From The Ground Up

A solid foundation is always key, so the floor is a good place to start. Hard surfaces are better for a studio than carpeting (often used in Bikram) for many reasons. Hard floors provide a more stable surface for mats and poses, and they are easier to clean and maintain. Unlike hard floors, carpet is impossible to sanitize, which is important if you run your own studio.

Hardwood flooring looks the best, but an even better option is bamboo or eucalyptus flooring. Unlike most hardwoods, bamboo and eucalyptus are both extremely sustainable resources, and they look just as great as traditional wood. What better way to add zen to your space?

Welcoming Water

Any sort of water feature, from a small, inexpensive fountain to a large indoor waterfall, is a great addition to your studio. Most water features have a peaceful aesthetic to them. The soothing sound of water will help relax the stress away. I’m not just spouting off here, indoor water fountains have a number of health benefits: from relieving anxiety to making the air healthier by adding moisture and clearing electrical ions. Water features are a great way to promote wellness.

Peaceful Plants

Speaking of clean air, let’s talk about houseplants. Every member of the plant family utilizes photosynthesis to create energy, which involves removing harmful carbon dioxide from the air and releasing fresh, healthy oxygen. Plants help you breathe better, and higher oxygen levels can heighten any yoga or meditative experience. They also look great, and are a wonderful source of natural beauty.

Flowering plants can be nice, but the simpler the better. Bright colors may be a little distracting unless kept to a minimum. Simple green leafy plants, whether big or small, are a good source of zen. There are so many indoor plant options for anyone, whether you are a planting pro or have no green thumb whatsoever.

Raw Elegance

When selecting decorative pieces for your studio, consider things that are lacking in man-made materials. Whether it’s a lamp, a piece of wall art, or a statue or figurine, natural materials and surfaces will add a tranquil sophistication to your space. Wood, glass, shell, and stone are all great options.

Larger Than Life Lighting

When it comes to your practice space, the more open the better. You may not have a ton of square feet or the highest ceilings to work with, but there are ways to make even the smallest areas more open. The first is to have a minimalist mindset and keep unnecessary decor or clutter out of the picture. The second is lighting.

Natural light is the best way to expose a space. Keep those blinds open and those windows clean and let the sunlight stream in. If you’re lacking in the window department, replacing a solid door with a glass door is a less expensive option than adding windows. Also, a well-placed mirror can enhance the natural light that does exist.

Charismatic Color

A fresh coat of paint or some new, sheer fabric are great ways to bring vibrancy to your studio and a simple ‘color change’ is an easy way to update your yoga studio. Whether you like simple, sophisticated solids or loud accents, there are so many ways you can utilize color to change the atmosphere. It all depends on your personal style, just remember: blue and green tend to be the most relaxing colors, but everyone is different. Bright pops of color can be soothing for some, but avoid busy patterns as those tend to keep the brain churning. Plain white is always elegant, and some contrasting trim can add a dash of class. Whatever color scheme you go with will make you happy, as long as you invest a little time and effort into coordinating.

Just Breathe

I hope these tips help you on your way to creating an ideal studio space. If you’re craving additional ways to make your space more yoga-friendly, you can find more ideas here. Lastly, if you have any tips, or better yet, photos of your own, please share them in the comments. Inspiration is always welcome!

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