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Yoga class for better sexual performance

Yoga class to improve sexual performance (video)

How can I improve my sexual performance? It’s one of the most asked questions I receive on my blog ever since I’m writing about tantra. Most questions come down on ‘lasting longer’. That lasting longer has got two sides to it: lasting longer without having an orgasm, or to be more precise: an orgasm, and being able to keep going on a physical level. This yoga sequence (see video) will help you just doing that.

I already wrote about how to postpone your ejaculation and how to have an orgasm without ejaculation. I’ll do a video on it soon as well. This video focuses more on the physical side of lasting longer. Next to yoga I’m interested in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). That comes down on: giving it all and training for a short period of time on or very close to your maximal heart beat. I’ll write more about that in future blogs and I’ll have some videos on it as well. It’s pretty interesting. But why I’m mentioning it now, is that I think sometimes making love comes close to your maximal heart rate as well. I have never made love with a heart monitor strapped to me, but maybe I will try one of these days. Just to test it.

More stamina for better sexual performance (endurance)

I like to change positions when I make love and finding a balance between ‘taking the lead’ and being led. For this sequence I studied ‘my moves’. When you’re guy you spent a lot of time on your arms; either on your hands or elbows. At the same time; you (can) get a lot of power from your abdominal muscles. For the endurance I focused on those muscles.

I look at stretching as well. You’re in for a lot of back bending and to ‘go deeper’ a big hip opener is handy as well. Both are in this sequence. I you want to work your hips even more, I’ve got a yoga class online for opening your hips as well. And if you want to train your shoulders, abs and arms even more, you can also check out this class, that focuses on those muscles.

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