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Saving Sea Turtles in Nicaragua

Saving sea turtles in Nicaragua

I’m not very good in doing nothing. I love yin yoga, I can meditate and going slow, I’m training to be in the moment, but I’m not very good at just sitting around and doing nothing or in ‘chilling’. I think doing nothing is a waist of time. I love the Buddhist version: they are very busy with death. Not because they are afraid of it, but because it makes them understand how precious life is and how important it is to enjoy every minute and to make most out of every minute.

So last week at the Surf Turtle Lodge in Los Brasiles, Nicaragua, Mark and I made the most of our time as well. Every morning we got up early, Mark went for a walk, I did yoga, we enjoyed a nice breakfast and as soon as that one was ‘done’ we went for a swim, read and wrote a bit, studied Spanish had another play in the sea and at night we went for walks on the beach, looking for turtles laying their eggs on shore. It’s what the locals do as well, but they will collect the turtle eggs and sell them to hotels and restaurants as a delicacy. We helped the Surfing Turtle Lodge out to get the eggs first, so they could hedge.

There are not that many sea turtles out there, So we loved the idea to help saving sea turtles in Nicaragua. And the good thing was; the night before we went back to Leon a whole bunch of little sea turtles where born, so we could help putting them back on the beach and see the little babies make their way to the ocean.

Normally only one out of a thousand eggs will grow up to be a sea turtle, the rest will be either stolen by locals, eaten by birds or other animals, stepped on or will be eaten as soon as the are in the water. Collecting the eggs, letting them hatch in an safe environment and putting the babies a shore will increase the chances these beautiful animals will not distinguish. Although a lot of more work is needed to save their environment as well. To many beaches are either polluted or taken over by big beach tourism. So it’s harder and harder for the sea turtles to survive.

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