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Sadhana - uninterrupted practice

Sadhana – uninterrupted practice; keep on studying yourself (video)

Yoga and tantra both put a lot of emphasis on Sadhana;  practice. In the words of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: Sadhana is a process of internal refinement, which allows men to move towards perfection. The key to sadhana is abhyasa; uninterrupted practice. If the practice gets interrupted for any reason it has to start from the beginning again; not from the point where you left it. Only by practicing daily we can reach somewhere.

Part of this practice is asking us: why do we do what we do, why do we feel what we feel, why do we react the way we react. Asking us these questions can give us more insight in ourselves. Not by thinking about them, but by meditating on them. By becoming quiet and going deep inside. If we can focus on the question, without thinking, the answer will come to us.

Sadhana – practice

But this is also practice. It won’t happen at once. We have to return to our yoga mat day in day out to do our asanas, our pranayama and to meditate. If we do that daily, answers will come. From inside.



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