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On the road again: Nicaragua

On the road again

Yes! I’m on the road again. And it feels good. After four weeks of studying Spanish it was time to go: time for a new adventure: time to travel.

The four weeks have flown by. It feels like yesterday I arrived here in Nicaragua and at the same time it doesn’t. Life’s good here. la Mariposa is an excellent Spanish School. Really sweet people, that know how to take care of you. The teachers are awesome. They all speak basic English and they know how to teach Spanish. My home-stay family was really, really sweet. Dealing with my poor Spanish, feeding me fresh fruit every morning, serving me vegetarian meals and fresh juices in the evening. And all the projects La Mariposa is doing for the local community of San Juan (I’ll write about that when I’m back here) are amazing. More than one million dollar went to the community over the last few years, all raised by Mariposa. Almost all of it went to projects who came out of the community of San Juan self, like the couple of women who asked Mariposa if it could help setting up a bakery. Mariposa built it and the women are owning and running it now, taking care of themselves.

For me four weeks of studying and volunteering was long. Very long. Not the work, the classes. Don’t get me wrong; I loved every minute of it, but with an intense yoga schedule (which I choose myself), working in the morning and having two hours of grammar and two hours of conversation classes in the afternoon, my brain just didn’t want to do it anymore. If I could do it over, I would go for classes on Monday and Tuesday, take Wednesday off so I have a day to study everything I have learned and go back to school on Thursday and Friday. Chill and study a bit in the weekend and start over with a fresh mind on Monday again. But he, that’s for a next time. We live and learn.

For now I was getting a bit irritated with myself at the end. I really tried and according to my teachers I did a pretty good job, speaking some Spanish. I even beat one of my English teachers with Bananagrams (a kind of scrabble) and scrabble. But for me it didn’t went fast enough. I just don’t know enough words to have proper conversations. And yes, I do know that takes time, but I’m always eager to learn new stuff and like to learn it fast.

The other thing that would happen is that I be totally happy after a conversation class, having the feeling that I’m actually mastering some Spanish and going ‘home’  to my home-stay family to  have a chat with them, only to find out that I totally can’t follow them, because they speak way to fast and swallow half of the words.

I can follow people when they talk slow and when I know what they are on about, but if they start talking to me and I have no idea what subject they are talking about I can’t follow a word of it. So the road is going to be an interesting teacher the coming five weeks (before I return and start to work at Mariposa). Let’s see where it leads me too…

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