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My new ReYoga mat: sturdy and soft

My new ReYoga mat; sturdy and soft

I’ve got a new yoga mat! This time it’s from ReYoga; an Italian brand. Sorry, but for some reason I’m always happy when I get a new mat. I know it’s not going to improve or change my practice, but I’m just happy with a new mat and trying out new mats.

With this one I’ve got four mats now. It sounds a bit stupid to have so many mats. Although: one day I had more than thirty mats, but that was when I had my own yoga school. I didn’t practice on all thirty. I do on these four and I do have them for a reason. One is at home in the Netherlands. It’s a 6 millimeter thick, extra-long Ashtanga mat. I love it, but it’s way too heavy to travel with. The other mat I have is in Nicaragua; at Pure Spa & Yoga, the place I work when I’m in Central America. It was way more handy to leave it there. The third mat is my travel yoga mat from Manduka. Ultra-thin and ultra-light. It’s nice and handy, but not a mat for a regular practice. When I do awkward planks with one hand and opposite foot in the air it stretches diagonal. Besides: it’s only a few millimeters thick. Good for on the road, not for a daily practice.

La Scimmia Yoga

These months I’m in Italy; working for and practicing with Sara Bigatti, the founder of La Scimmia Yoga (online yoga classes in Italian). As a welcomes present and to make my travelling a little lighter she gave me the ReYoga mat when I arrived in Italy. She’s been working with them for a while. She likes this company, because all the products are made out of natural materials and are biodegradable. ‘Re’ in their name stands for ‘recycle’ and this company practices what they preach. They invest a lot of money in research to make and good and environmental friendly mats.

I’m pretty critical on my yoga mats. I’m a bit of a softy when it comes down on headstand. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of hair (except a rooster head) so I lick some cushioning. Besides that: I spent so much time standing (partly) on my hands that my wrists like a bit of softness as well. The ReMat Element GROW (extra long) I have of ReYoga offers it. It’s only 4 millimeter thick, but feels soft and nice on my wrists. I have to admit: for headstands I still fold it in two. I like to play around in headstands: transitioning from tripod headstand in side crow, back to tripod, side crow other side, back to tripod again and into bakasana. Or transitioning from Eka Pada Galvasana (flying pigeon) through tripod headstand in flying pigeon on the other leg. It works pretty good on this mat.

ReYoga: sturdy grip

Grip is another important issue for me. I like to be stable in my downward dogs; not slipping away. And I like to play around in Tiger pose. That was a problem on my Manduka mat. Maybe because it’s so thin. The ReYoga mat give me a sturdy grip. Again: I know I’m a little of a problem child. I like it that I’m not sliding around on my mat. However there is a big ‘but’. I’ve got pretty long legs compared to my torso. When I jump through my feet slide often a bit over my mat. I was using a mat at Sampoorna Yoga in India – where I was teaching on the yoga Teacher Training Course – that was donated to me by a karma yogi. I got it because of my love for thick mats and mats with grip. The grip however of this mat was so strong that as soon as I jumped through and my feet touched the mat I almost did a face plant, because I came to a hold all of a sudden. The ReYoga mat allows me just enough slide to complete my jump through and is firm enough to hold me in place in static postures. Even when I’m sweating like hell.

I’ve been using it now for 2,5 weeks and it traveled with me from Monza to Rome. I have no clue how it will do on the long term, but for now I’m in love with this ReYoga mat.

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