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Review: Oasis Hostel – Granada

Review: Oasis Hostel – Granada: Oasis is a nice escape from the heat of Granada. The hostel has a nice, little swimming pool, is clean, serves free breakfast (pancakes and bananas), has good rooms, friendly staff, runs shuttles to Laguna de Apoyo and is in the center of town.
The kitchen could do with some extra pots and pans and the kitchen area could do with some paint. Same for the rest of ‘this wing’, but the main area (entree, computers, pool) is really, really nice. And for this price, is absolutely worth it.

We tried to make reservations through internet, but we didn’t get an answer on our e-mail and the contact form didn’t work.

Choose a room around the swimming pool. This is the nicest area of the hostel. The rooms ‘next door’ are less; same for the showers and toilets.

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