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Review: Bearded Monkey – Granada

Review: Bearded Monkey – Granada: The Bearded Monkey in Granada – Nicaragua is a hostel with a lot of potential, that totally isn’t used.

I know a visit is just one moment, but the hostel is in need of a lot of repairs, new beds and new cleaning staff.

We had a double room, which was build around the bed. There was hardly any space to put the backpacks. It was in the courtyard, first level, on a crappy stairs. The courtyard is self was full of crap, that shouldn’t be there. The toilets were disgusting and we didn’t dare to try the showers, because they were in even a more terrible state.
The mattress smelt and both of us kept rolling to the middle, because of the state it was in.
The staff was friendly, but couldn’t make up for the state the hostel was in.

In the Lonely Planet it’s rated for the atmosphere and all the backpackers who are staying over. When we were there, the hostel was more or less deserted, probably due to the state of it.

We had a long trip, before we arrived and one of us was sick, but the next day, as soon as we had some energy again, we switched hostels and went to Oasis, which was heaven after The Bearded Monkey.

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