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Returning to Pure Yoga

Returning to Pure Yoga

I left Pure Yoga in Granada last week, after teaching 3 Acro Yoga workshops there and training there for a couple of weeks: Ashtanga, easy flow and Acro Yoga. But I’ll be back. Half of June I’ll be returning to Pure Yoga and I will be teaching more workshops and probably some regular yoga classes as well.

If done a fair bit of teaching around Nicaragua and Costa Rica in the last seven months. I teached at hostels, teached retreats, teached at hotels, will teach at a Bed & Breakfast and a private next weeks and I loved all the places, but Pure was special. The atmosphere, the people, it felt a little bit like being home. Reason enough to go back.

While I was teaching my Acro Yoga workshops at Pure they were shooting a promo video. I think it gives a great overview of how beautiful Pure is and it gives also an idea of how fun the workshops were. 🙂

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