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Flashback Miri Piri

Yoga and Nutrition Retreat Miri Piri; a flashback

Wow, what can I say? We’re back from the Yoga and Nutrition Retreat in Miri Piri and it was incredible. Thank you all – students – for making this a retreat Sara, Natalia and I won’t forget anymore. We made this little flashback for you.

Miri Piri

Next year we’ll do another one. Again at Miri Piri in Piacenza, Italy. Maybe a little bit different. We might focus more on the intestines than on nutrition. We’ll still talk about yoga and nutrition, but might go more into depth. Not sure yet. We’ll see.

For now our focus is on our yoga retreat place, the yoga retreat in Granada and the Yoga Teacher Training Course we’re going to do next year on Sicily.

For now, we leave you with this vlog/flashback.


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