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Sara Bigatti (La Scimmia Yoga) and John Kraijenbrink (Dutch Smiling Yogi) performing Prasarita Twist; an Acro Yoga transition.

How to do Prasarita Twist in Acro Yoga (video tutorial)

One of the most beautiful twists in Acro Yoga is Prasarita Twist. But how to do this twist correctly? I can remember starting with it. I had done it, once, during a workshop, but it was at the end and things went pretty fast. Whenever I tried to do it, I would just drop people or they had to be rescued by spotters. Slowly I got the hand of it, but success would be on and off. Simply because I was missing details.

Well at least; that’s what I found out when I went to the Dutch Acro Yoga festival – PaasCro –  and my fantastic teacher – and by now good  friend – Esther Hertog showed me how to do it correctly. I discovered I missed one detail, but in Acro Yoga details make the difference.

Prasarita Twist tutorial

In this Prasarita Twist tutorial I will guide you through all the steps you have to take as a base to do this twist. As a flyer you mainly want to be passive. Just wait for your base to give you the cue to let go of your foot.

Have fun, be safe!


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