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More power by 4 weekly sessions of power yoga

Do you want to get flexible and strong at the same time? Start doing power yoga, strong vinyassa flow or ashtanga at least four times a week. That will really help built your strength. Twice a week is nice. It will help you to maintain the muscle strength you have now, but won’t give you stronger muscles. Three times will do it. Four is even better.


That’s the outcome of a research done in New Zealand and the United States. The sports researchers McMaster, Gill, Cronin, McGuigan looked at rugby and American Football players and concluded that training power three of four times a week made the athletes stronger. Training twice a week kept them as strong as they were. If they only trained once a week they lost power. What counts for rugby also counts for yoga. One or two power yoga classes won’t get you there. So start doing more classes a week.
The sports researchers also looked at how many weeks the athletes could be without training. After three weeks they already lost an enormous amount of their power.

So to be short: get on your yoga mat and start doing power yoga four times a week. And the other days? Well there is always yin yoga, hatha yoga and easy flow to recover. So no excuse. And when you’re on a holiday? Just bring your yoga mat!

Source: Sports Med.

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